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New efficient phosphors for lighting and solar concentrators NEW LOKS
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Meeting at the “Barbara” – ESK 2016 Wrocław

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Conference summarizing the project NEW LOKS – description of the event

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Our phosphors

We are pleased to announce, that on our website in the Phosphors section, there are thirty-five new phosphors offers, which were produced during the implementation of the project. We encourage all companies interested to used these phosphors, which possess an …


Conference summarizing the project NEW LOKS.

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program badawczy

NEW LOKS consortium is doing research in order to create phosphors which haven’t been known yet. Current research is oriented towards creating phosphors for lighting. Last stage will be to create phosphors to improve energetic efficiency of solar cells.
światło bliższe naturalnemu

The phosphors created during NEW LOKS project will be 21st century’s products. One of the consortium’s aims is to find phosphors emitting light with a spectrum as similar to a solar one as it is possible.

The solar radiation that reaches the Earth's surface has a power of 89 PW, which is almost 6000 times more than the consumption of the human population. With NEW LOKS project we would like to create phosphors able to absorb the unused part of solar spectrum and to transform this part into the light adjusted to photovoltaic cell’s maximum sensitivity.

The material parameters of phosphors generated in the NEW LOKS project. Summary table contains the basic specification of our phosphors.